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VS777 was born in 2000 as a personal project of V.S, after some failed atempts on building a solid musical formation. After a long stop (2002-2003), V.S starts composing again and - for the first time - recording his own pre-productions. During 2004 he starts searching for musicians so that he could take his project to stages. The first VS777 member to join V.S was AXBAL (bass), but all his projects and personal life made his stay in VS777 impossible. PRX (vocals) soon joined V.S, and a few days later Vmal (drums) becomes the permanent drummer. j_X (guitars) and RS7EIN (bass) were the last two permanent members to join VS777. In the meantime, V.S gathers two of his pre-produced themes and releases them as "PROMO '04", on November 2004. This promo, as well as the first concert (27th November 2004) marks the beggining of VS777 activities, transcending the concept of "project", and thus becoming a band.

January 2007 comes as another important landmark on the band's evolution. PRX, Vmal, j_X and RS7EIN decide to collectively abandon the project, claiming insatisfaction with the band's current situation. In a few days the line-up is recomposed with new members Bolthorn and PlagueLord, and later by vocalist Gornoth. Rehearsals take place with the new line up in order to prepare for a show with the swiss Samael, in July 15th 2007, which marked the beginning of this new era for the band.

V.S. Bolthorn PlagueLord Gornoth

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